The archives of Saint-Tropez

Quite a story!

Did you know that? Saint-Tropez, a town of "privileges" and "adjacent land" benefited from a special regime under the Ancien Régime. Hence the richness of its communal archives which hold administrative documents since... 1470. A true written heritage of the community of Tropéziens through History. A transcription, dated March 15, 1621, speaks of the act of rebirth of Saint-Tropez, signed on February 14, 1470 between Jean de Cossa, baron of Grimaud, and Raphaël de Garezzio, a Genoese gentleman, and of the charter of inféodation of the village signed by the same people, on October 15, 1470. The letters patent on parchment, from François I to Louis XIII (1542 - 1610), bearing their royal seals, have been preserved. They confirm the privileges given to the village since 1470. The series of parish registers begins in 1692 for the acts of baptisms, marriages and burials. It is complete until the Revolution. The decennial tables begin in 1572. We can thus follow the history of the families who participated in the development of the village. Saint-Tropez and the history of France!


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